No matter how many years old or young you are, and no matter whether in good health or not, you should have your affairs in order and a Will in place, and perhaps Powers of Attorney, both for financial and medical matters. It is something that many people do not take care of, but certainly it is something that once taken care of, can allow peace of mind.

A Will should be crafted in such a way to minimise any problems for the executors or challenges to the Will by any disgruntled beneficiary or potential beneficiary. Our experienced team of lawyers can provide the necessary advice and draft the required documents quickly and efficiently.

We have assisted many executors over several decades with regard to the administration of estates. Whether providing legal advice for executors, or carrying out the role of an executor, our lawyers are fully equipped to make the appropriate enquiries and file the relevant documents with the Supreme Court of Victoria.

On occasion, it may be appropriate to challenge the content of a Will and we have experience in advising a beneficiary or potential beneficiary on the prospects of making such a challenge or indeed advising the executor with respect of defending such a challenge.